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PostSubject: Information   Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:52 am

Welcome to the United Guild Alliance forum!
I really hope guys you like the forum, seriously spent hours on doing it, but I guess it was worth it!

Anyways, as of things getting clear I would like to Announce this:

I would like everyone to repost their guild sections from the AS forum to this one. I have made a Guild section, 2 guilds have already made their threads.

Voting System
Each guild leader will choose 1 member from his/her guild that will join him in everything, such as meetings and voting. This member MUST join every meeting of the UGA gather with his leader. That chosen member will vote for the UGA representative (leader), but cannot vote for his own guild. That doesn't mean that this member has the rights to vote for guild recruit in the UGA and guild kick from the UGA, that's the leaders vote. Those members are also knows as councils.

There will be a countdown timer setup to 1 week before the voting will begin, you will have time to decide which member will be joining you by your side. After the countdown timer ends, the voting will begin, and to not create problems, it will continue 1 week (or when all the votes are casted) Please note that the thread that will be created, it is not allowed to comment freely, only the chosen council from the guild can comment, and the only comment will be the guild he/she is voting for.

The Countdown timer will be set after 10 guilds has joined the UGA, so wait patiently. Please note that any guild can join the UGA currently, but after we have 10 guilds in it, there will be voting for joining the UGA.

If a council is inactive and hasn't joined events concerning him/her for 3 times, he must be changed or the leader will stay without a council.

Thank you for your time and understanding! ^_^ This thread will be edited when new information pops up about the UGA.
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